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Workshop New Curriculum: Mallorca Expanded Landscape

This project was implemented as part of New Curriculum, a research program led by Campo Adentro, as part of the Table and the Territory. 19th – 28th October : Workshop New Curriculum in Campo Adentro’s space in Mallorca.

With a focus on INLAND’s line of work on expanded landscape, which addresses the composition of knowledge from various disciplines such as art, sociology, ecology or architecture, along with local knowledge linked to the land, first formed an alliance with the Es Baluard Museum and the Consorci Serra de Tramuntana, as well as the City of Deiá and local organizations like Tramuntana XX.

This workshop is articulated from an approach to the village of Deià and different places of the Serra by local agents. An open call for people from different disciplines with an interest in the intersection of art-ecology-territory, models of development and processes of change, with the capacity to adapt and react to opportunities during the field work, to record and document in different formats and the intention of collaboration and dialogue within the team itself.

Once the 10 participants in the workshop have been selected, the workshop begins.

This meeting was followed by a period of elaboration of results, on the visualization of the collected information, the analysis of the context, the speculation of futures or the formulation of proposals.