food, sustainability and art projects in Europe

T&T Seminar: Changing the way we grow and eat through artistic practice

Retransmission of a conversation that took place on the 24th of November 2020, as part of the T&T Seminar. This fourth seminaron artists practices linked to food production. With Martin Zet, artist in residence at ArtMill, Georgina Hill, artist in residence at Campo Adentro, Maria Varela, artist in residence at TAVROS and her curator Olga Hatzidaki and Caretto e Spagna, artist duo in residence at Parco Arte Vivente.

In English

Martin Zet
The Czech artist Martin Zet, born in 1959, is one of the most outstanding and prolific Eastern European artists. His work including video, sculpture, drawing, found objects, writing, performance and photography have been experienced across Europe, Eurasia, and the Americas for over two decades. His most recent retrospective exhibition, as part of his PhD work at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, was an ode to his father, a renowned socialist sculptor in the former Czechoslovakia who passed away 25 years ago. In residence at ArtMill for the Table & Territory Festival, he created a unique artwork on our consumption and relationship to food and feasting.

Georgina Hill
Georgina Hill is an artist who frequently collaborates with Campo Adentro. In 2019, she worked on the methodology of the program INLAND New Curriculum, a knowledge recomposition program. Her interests lies within the formal hybridity of moving images and the intersectional politics of locality by using video, text, installation as well as their combinations as a langugage of transmission.

Maria Valera and Olga Hatzidaki
Maria Varela is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on strategies of collective production and an interest in female communities. She creates digital and physical artifacts, systems, environments and live events in which concepts such as identity, memory, tradition and folklore are explored. Maria Varela with her new work Decorated Bread is part of TAVROS programming. Olga Hatzidaki is a curator and cultural producer based in Athens. Her ongoing practice revolves around public space and the various tools that can be used to touch upon social issues and the ever increasing climate violence. Olga is co-directing locus athens and is a co-founder of TAVROS, a newly established non-profit art space in the eponymous area of Athens and a home for locus athens’ projects with exhibitions, talks and community projects geared to responding to the social and political circumstances around us.

Caretto e Spagna
The Italian artist duo formed by Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna invests the field of life, food and its history. They conceives art as inquiry, a free way to investigate the multiple dimensions of reality: formal, qualitative and physical quantitative aspects of the matter but also philosophical and social aspects. In keeping with their respective educational backgrounds – landscape architecture for Spagna and natural sciences and scientific museology for Caretto – their projects (installations, collective actions, performances, sculptures) always results from a “relational process” with different elements (organic, inorganic, living, etc.) of the context in which they operate.