food, sustainability and art projects in Europe

T&T Seminar: Act and change representations and practices through research-creation

Retransmission of a conversation that took place on the 23rd of November 2020, as part of the T&T Seminar. This second seminar examined art and science cross-practices lead by artists and scientists. With Thierry Boutonnier, artist, and Julie Le Gall, scientist, leading Selfood, Anthony Duchêne, artist on the initiative of Paysages à boire with Dominique Hutin, Jean-Philip Lucas and the collective SILO on the Récits-recettes.

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Thierry Boutonnier and Julie Le Gall
Born in 1980 in the South-West of France, Thierry Boutonnier claims his agricultural origins and develops his artistic practice by confronting the question of domestication. He combines the arts and life sciences during his academic career and through his collective experiments.

It is also because of her Breton agricultural origins that Julie Le Gall began her research on access for all to better agriculture and food, claiming with her colleague Camille Hochedez of the University of Poitiers the concept of agricultural justice. food. Along the same lines, she co-founded the Marguerite Network, an association that supports secondary school students and teachers on agri-food education projects, recalling the role of the School in the transformation of territories. For the past few years, his sensitivity has guided him towards supporting young people to deal with the uncertainty of the Anthropocene.

Thierry Boutonnier and Julie Le Gall set up the Selfood / Sugar Killer research-creation project with Aurélie Rogé from Henri Barbusse college. This criminal investigation around sugar invites college students to observe the contradictory injunctions to which we are subjected as consumers and to question the actors – industrialists, politicians, scientists – who are at the origin of them. One way to explore the challenges of sustainable food in the Lyon metropolis.
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Anthony Duchêne 
Anthony Duchêne is a visual artist whose work is a hybrid mix of sculptures, drawings and objects inspired by nature and animals. Crisscrossing the universe of taste and olfactoey sensations, his creations evoke figures of hybridization and mutations of plant and animal species, inspiring him to unique combinations. Passionate about natural wines, he works with peasant-winegrowers to study the functioning of soils, the balance of nature and polyculture. This creation research is supported by the Table & the Territory.

Jean-Philip Lucas
Jean-Philip Lucas works for various cultural wilderness projects, in particular through Ancoats, a structure specialised in the support of urban alternatives, of which he is one of the associates. From 2016 to 2020, he was the adiministrator of DOC, an artistic production and dissemination space in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Since 2016, he has been in charge of development at the Parti Poétique, particularly working on the coordination of the project Zone Sensible – Urban Farm of Saint-Denis.

Collective SILO
Founded in 2015, SILO is a music label – whose practice is contextual and experimental – a publishing house, and above all an amicable association. They collaborate with Zone Sensible on “Récits-recettes”, a research-creation aiming to share what would be the specificities of sustainable food in Saint-Denis.
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