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T&T Days: Film/Food Festival at ArtMill Barn Gallery

From 26th to the 27th of September, ArtMill Barn Gallery will be screening a non-stop series of films on food.

Jorgge Menna Barreta

Food production and food consumption concentrate on themselves a series of questions that feed our contemporaneity, nourishing even what became known as the Anthropocene, an informal geologic chronological term that, in its multiple iterations as a concept, marks the evidence and the extent of human activities that have had a significant global impact on the Earth’s ecosystems.

Not by chance, agribusiness, monoculture and livestock farming are some of the human activities that most affect and transform the planet, and their implications can be seen all around the globe, being deforestation, biodiversity decrease, water pollution, and soil exhaustion the most common ones, especially in Brazil, where we can also see the rising violence against indigenous peoples and traditional communities in the last years.

Jorgge Menna Barreta, Artist-in-Residence, ArtMill, 2020 from In-between hunger and appetite -food for thought in the act Written by Alexis Milonopoulos in collaboration with Erin Manning, Jorge Menna Barreto, Ricardo Rodrigues Teixeira, 2019.

Film Fest in ArtMill’s Granary Theatre: (non-stop! Noon to midnight, all weekend)


On Plastic

  • The Story of Plastic, 2019. Interview with one of the producers of the film, Stiv Wilson
  • Midway, 2017, by Chris Jordan followed by an online interview with the artist
  • Bag it, 2010. Jeb Berrier tries to go one day without plastic. Humorous
  • The Problem with Plastic Wrap – “Uvažujme bez obalu!”


On Body Burden

  • On polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) in our food. Scientist at Kentucky University, Nika Larian on Mapping. Interactions among Nutrients, Exposures, & Diabetes
  • Body Burden, U.N. Safe Planet Campaign, 2011. Live Q and A with Michael Stanley-Jones, UNEP, Nairobi
  • Silent Snow, by Jan van den Berg. 2013
  • Cartoons on Food: by Animal Planet


Food & Drink

  • Palm Oil – “Orangutan na palmovém oleji” /

    “Kumba Kola”- Cameroon. With Dr. Ajume Wingo. “You cannot just cut down a kola nut tree…” Followed by a Live Q and A with Dr. Wingo

  • CULTO CULINARIA – Javier Orcaray Vélez and La Fragua, Spain
  • Fair-trade Fruit! -“Levné banány za krvavou cenu”
  • Fair Trade Coffee in Central America -“Průvodce férového pijáka kávy”
  • Patti Spooner, Alta Organic Coffee, California. Live Interview with Ms. Spooner, one of the early organic coffee roasters in the USA


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