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T&T Days: Exhibition & Dinner at ArtMill Barn Gallery

On the 27th of September, a series of installations, performances and an exhibition NOT SuperMarket: Festival of Durable Culture , Intangible Thought, & a Heart-beet” will take place in the ArtMill Barn “Gallery. 

Martin Zet


11:00 — Performance, Miloš Šejn, visual artist and performer, visited ArtMill in 2009 and created a work on the history and mystery of the flour mill. Son of a miller, Sejn returns 11 years later to create a new work on the alchemy of milling, bread, and flour.

12:30 — Performance, Javier Orcaray Vélez. Performance of organic wine from Valencia región of Spain. “Agua y Vino” (Water and Wine) is a collective action for participants and visitors to the exhibition (ArtMill) where we have the opportunity to drink water and wine from collective containers without a need for glasses.

The “botijo” is a ceramic object that has been used as an ancient method for both cooling and drinking water throughout centuries. An object with deep roots in Mediterranean popular culture, now in danger of extinction. “Our wine comes from the cellar ¨Mas Molla¨, dating back to the14th century- ¨vino de pagés¨ or peasant wine in unlabelled bottles exempt to taxes or state controls. These wines are sold directly from the caller; a Mas Molla philosophy. We’ll drink straight from the bottle using another ancient “techtool”, a piece of cane from the river carved into a bottle spout: un ¨pitorro¨”

13:30 — Denise Davis, Native American (Maidu tribe) baskets. Denise Davis will demonstrate how to gather and weave a simple egg basket.

15:00Veronika Šrek Bromová, performance/talk/photos

16:00 — LIVE from Brazil, Jorgge Menna Barreta: a performative work called “Digesting Systems” which consists in placing your body in positions that are good for digestion. I am looking for something like a performativity of inner organs, position you put yourself into that may create room for a gut choreography”. Mr. Barreta will also present his new magazine Enzyme, to the public.

17:00Martin Zet, performed at ArtMill in 2018, creating a work on food shortages and justice. The table has never been the same. Always a surpise, the unique vision of Zet will once again transform the audience to view the world of food a little differently when it’s over.This is the last event of the weekend.

18:00 — Farm-to-Table Banquet on the Hill. Friends and neighbors will bring a favorite dish to share. Seating for 50 people.

Jorgge Menna Barreta

Also part of the exhibition: 

Tomaš a Andrea Hrůza/Průchová. Launch of project: SKLIĎ A PŘIJĎ (BRING YOUR HARVEST). The idea is to create a communal spot where surplus pieces of vegetable and fruit can find their further use by being donated to neighbours. In order to use the already existing, however abandoned local facility, an old communal storage house will function as a main venue. We will clean the space and take care of its exterior as well if agreed with a local municipality. Inside the storage house, there will be a light wooden construction installed, where several boxes will be placed on. Each box will be accompanied by a plastic film into which a paper of A4 format can be put. Neighbours will be encouraged to share a favourite recipe in which the donated vegetable or fruit functions as an important ingredients, or their daily thoughts and reflections from the time spent in their garden. In general, any expression of thier own which they would like to share with others will be welcome. Of course, it will be also fully accepted if neither a note, or neighbour’s name will be provided. There will be a small table with a pile of papers situated next to the construction. A short handwritten instruction letter will be located on a top of the installation where it will get easily visible to participants. In order to make the neighbours actively participating in the project, we will personally visit every household to explain the project to community members.

Every day, we will visit the place to maintain it and to document the whole process including the notes. At the end of the project, a small booklet consisting of photos and notes, which will be turned into a kind of poetry, will be created, shared with neighbours and located permanently on a locked door of the storage house. The project runs until 2021.

Hana Nováková., film-maker, presents her project on chickens and factory farms in the Czech Republic. Chickens are the most popular animals used in magic rituals throughout India and Latin America. Their efficacy is realized by artists like Luis Bunuel and Carlos Saura who celebrated the mysterious magic of this bird in their art.

Ana Quiroz (Mexico) who’s project concerns corn (maize) and GMOs.

Alekansdra Wolska, (Poland) a theorist and playwrite presents her work : Feeding the Hungry Ghosts. It is a multidisciplinary performance workshop (which will take place in 2021 due to the pandemic) that explores a participatory and multi-valent nature of nourishment. During the sessions we connect with “the parched Earth” phenomenon (the present-day depletion of the eco-sphere) and choose to enter whole-heartedly, creatively and performatively into a modality of “the web-of-life.” We retrieve our faculty of connection with the elemental Earth, delving into the sacred dimension of food production and sharing; we enact what it means to “become what one eats” within the newly re-formulated somatic and eco-spiritual paradigms. In doing so, we create a “Feast,” a communal event of partaking in the storied and sacralized food, which re-enlivens and re-imagines the cycle of giving and receiving of nourishment. That act, in turn, restores our creative and healing connection with the biosphere as it manifests itself in our own culture and locality. Her presentation is in video and photographs for phase I.

ArtMill’s ArtFarm Research Project will also be presented in the exhibition, which brings together an interactive map of local supermarket foods and their sources, a diagram of waste collected during quarantine, 2020, and other visuals of the perma-culture garden project, seed bank, and five short films of the changing environment during climate crisis on our farm.

Tomaš Hrůza
Ana Quiroz

The exhibition runs through October. ArtMill’s kavarna/coffee house is open to the public on weekends, 12:00-17:00.

All dates are subject to change regarding national health laws during the Covid-19 pandemic. Public activities at ArtMill will be carried out adhering to social-distancing rules and regulations for human safety and health, including the wearing of masks.