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T&T Days: Bread baking session with Locus Athens

For two days, Paky Vlassopoulou (artist), Elissavet Koulouri (bread baker at Betty’s Bakery), Maria Valera (artist), Hypercomf (artist collective) and Locus Athens will be baking, creating and sharing knowledge around bread and bread baking techniques at Betty’s Bakery.
Paky Vlassopoulou, Trainning drills, 2019 C-print photographer: Alexandra Masmanidi


Marking the start of artist Paky Vlassopoulou’s research-creation on bread and as part of the T&T Days, a bread-making session will be held in collaboration with baker Elissavet Koulouri, in her bread baking laboratory. The two artists will be joined by three other artists in order to learn, think and create ceramics for bread baking. At the end of this two day workshop, Paky Vlassopoulou will initiate her research-creation: bread.

The Paky Vlassopoulou and Elissavet Koulouri have also been working together on written works included in the artist’s newspaper on bread.