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T&T Days A Weekend of Films and Exhibition at ArtMill

As part of the Table and the Territory Days, our partner Artmill hosted a live weekend of events around food and art! The two day program was held online due to COVID restrictions in Czech Republic. (Re)Experience the event by streaming it, where you want and when you want. Enjoy. 

The ArtFarm Research Project exhibited at the Barn Gallery ©ArtMill
The ArtMill Barn Gallery © ArtMill



Introduction by Barbara Benish, director at ArtMill: click here for Facebook live

Chris Jordan’s award winning Albatross film (2017) came out of his 7 year journey on the remote island of Midway in the Pacific, to understand and document the massive amounts of plastic being consumed and killing the magnificent birds, threatening their existence.


  • Brownfeel II, Martin Dušek (2018): click here to stream
    “Mealworms on a styrofoam diet being freed to begin their own life as adult beetles. The video was part of the exhibition Brownfeel which articulated the metamorphosis of postindustrial matter starting to live new life as ‘nature 2.0’.”







  • Veronika Čechmánková, Beloved Baking (2019): click here to stream
    “Nowadays, the meaning of bread has changed. It still remains an important part of our diet yet it is no longer as important as it used to be in the past. Modern times offer much more different ways.”



Javier Orcaray Vélez, Agua y Vino © ArtMill
© Artmill


  • A guided tour of ArtMill’s permaculture spiral gardens with Adam from the ArtFarm Research Project: click here to stream


Martin Zet © ArtMIll
© ArtMill
  • A piece by Jorgge Menna Barreta, BUTTER ARCHITECTURE, 2009. Another ArtFarm artist-in-residence, postponed until 2021: click here to stream


  • Aleksandra Wolska, FINDING THE SEEDS OF NOURISHMENT IN OUR OWN HUNGER. Aleksandra is a playwright and theatre producer who will be presenting a workshop at ArtMill in 2021: click here to stream


© ArtMill
Barbara Benish © Artmill
The ArtfFarm Research Project ©ArtMill