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T&T Days #2: TAVROS, Locus Athens

From September to October 2021, as part of the second edition of the T&T Days, TAVROS will curate and host Hypercomf’s project Biosentinel. The project includes an interactive website, an exhibition, a workshop and a seminar with students from the Athens School of Fine Arts. 

Hypercomf’s project is based on research on Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a yeast which is common to bread, wine, beer and humans and which causes fermentation. It is currently being tested by NASA on its space mission Biosentinel to see how it reacts to space radiation in order to see the possible impacts outer space could have on the human body.

The research-creation includes the launch of:

  • Early in September – an interactive website accessible HERE
  • 18th of September – the opening of a solo exhibition. More information HERE
  • 19th of September – a solar cooking construction workshop
  • Date in September to be confirmed – a seminar with students from the Athens School of Fine Arts

The exhibition at TAVROS takes shape in a science laboratory and includes a DIY solar oven that bakes bread, a film based on the making of the solar oven, a fermentation lab producing beers live from different ‘territories’ in Athens and which can be tried and tasted by the visitors to the exhibition.

The interactive website functions as the brain / portal of the project including hyperlinks to texts by leading international scientists, researchers, cooks who investigate yeast and the way it impacts energy production, sustainability, recycling, food production, with diagrams on solar ovens, information on fermentation, videos, statistics and pop-ups. The website implies the links between the human body, NASA’s research, the solar and the terrestrial.

A Solar Cooker Construction Workshop will provide its participants with the basic knowledge and skills needed to create a small parabolic solar cooker, it will also present and suggest other easily replicated off-grid designs that can have applications within the urban architecture. The workshop aims to motivate the city’s inhabitants to re-claim their territory and the energy it receives and sends it back to their environment.

More information on the TAVROS website

Practical details:

Anaxagora 33 (1st floor), 17778, Tavros, Greece
TAVROS opening hours: Closed for the summer.