food, sustainability and art projects in Europe

T&T Days #2: Intercultural artist exchanges

As a European cooperation network, the Table and the Territory promotes intercultural exchanges between artistic practices with the idea of sharing traditional knowledge and practices linked to the local culture of soils, terroirs and foods. European artists are invited to partner venues to present their practices.

Promoting artist mobility, we have organised three exchanges for the second edition of our European festival.

Maria Varela, Decorated Bread at Zone Sensible, Saint-Denis (FR)

In Greek tradition decorated breads were used to visualise a desire or wish by the person who created or requested the bread. Endowed with a supernatural potential these breads used to be decorated with symbols inspired by daily life and nature. Maria Varela in her work “Decorated Bread” created a database of contemporary wishes. In this workshop we will create decorated breads using the wishes’ database.

As part of this exchange, Maria will organise a Decorated bread workshop in Zone Sensible, on the 18th of September 2021.

Olivier Darné, at Campo Adentro, Madrid (ES)

Using the generic term “Pollination of the city”, the Parti Poétique, founded by Olivier Darné, is initiating a transdisciplinary research project on the city. With the bee as a witness, his installations in the public space question our relationship to the urban environment, its flows, its tensions, its densities and its social organization, and promote the public’s perception of the issues associated with a reading of the different city, critical and constructive, at the crossroads of political and cultural fields.

As part of this exchange, Olivier will present his work and approach during a seminar at Campo Adentro. The date of this intervention will be confirmed.


David Prieto, at TAVROS, Athènes (GQ)
David Prieto has a degree in Sociology from the University of Salamanca and a Masters in Sociology of Territory, Population and Migration from the Complutense University of Madrid. He is a member of the editorial team and the editorial board of Encrucijadas, a critical journal in social sciences. He dedicates his work to researching the relationship between society and territory. He is also a member of the study group Ecologies, New Territories and Landscapes in Contemporary Culture, initiated in 2013 as a moment for evaluation and self-reflection to guide future steps in this field.

As part of this exchange, David will contribute a group talk about artistic and ecological practices for art students from the Athens School of Fine Arts with Hypercomf at TAVROS. Most of the students are already participating in a 5month workshop by Hypercomf examining and developing artistic research subjects and practices as ideated ecosystems and creating artworks as elements of ecosystemic interconnectedness. The date of this intervention will be confirmed.