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T&T Days #2: Campo Adentro and the INLAND Village


From the 20th to the 24th of September a series of activities will be carried out at Campo Adentro’s space CAR, Inland’s headquarters in Madrid. The series of events will focus on the notion of De-growth. At the core of the transition towards sustainability there is the imperative task to rethink and redesign the cities and adapt them to the ecological cycles.

The program includes:

20th of September – 

Opening of the exhibition of rural self-taught artists at Inland centre CAR in Madrid. Conversation with curator Pilar Soler on the notion of outsider art.

21st of September – 

First sessionIndira Béraud. Introduction of the concept of De-growth: What is sustainable degrowth? The ecological consequences of economic growth. Growth and inequalities between humans and non-human beings. Visit and workshop in the Magerit neighbourhood vegetable garden

22nd of September – 

Online. Presentation by Parti Poétique, an artistic collective founded in Saint-Denis by the visual artist Olivier Darné. Since its creation in 2003, the collective has been developing life-size research in France and abroad on themes that link art and the environment.

23rd of September – 

Second sessionIndira Béraud. Conditions for a possibility of a transition to a post-growth society. Principles of the growth objection, self-production, or how to free yourself from work and technology, democratization, or how to collectively take back control of our lives. 

24th of September –

14:00 –  Intervention by the artist Coline Gautier, inspired by her work “vertical”, will relate the different communities in the neighbourhood, the municipal market and the food around the CAR table.

16:00 – Book presentation with Grace Denis TBC

Stay tuned for more information on dates and times.

Participants bios:

Indira Béraud is an independent curator.Born in 1992, she lives and works in Paris.
She founded the magazine Figure Figure in 2017, specialising in young creation. Each issue, published monthly online, takes the form of an interview with an emerging artist, available for free download. Since 2020, the magazine has been based between London and Paris. She has written for various magazines such as Art Press, Flash Art, Le Châssis and Nichons-nous dans l’Internet. Since 2019, she has curated the exhibition “Il est urgent que le pro_grès pro_gramme” by Thomas Guillemet and Laurent Lacotte in The Window space in Paris, the group exhibition “I have done things here I couldn’t do elsewhere” by artists Inès Alpha, Zoé Brunet-Jailly, the duo Émilie Brout and Maxime Marion, the duo Salomé Chatriot and Flip-Andreas Surapic, DVTK, Raphaël Fabre, Laura Gozlan, Josèfa Ntjam, Jonathan Pêpe and Jonathan Vinel, as well as the exhibition “Crois de bois, crois de fer” by Jonathan Pêpe at the French Institute in Budapest.She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Arts Studies and Practices at UQAM in Montreal.

Coline Gautier  is an artist and designer, born in 1998, and currently  finishing her Bachelor at the Design Academy of Eindhoven (NL),  and interested in forms of navigation between storytelling and the body, with an sculptural and performative work that  aims to open dialogues within our surroundings,  the interaction with materials including edible ellaborations and the highlight of hidden messages.

More information on Campo Adentro’s website.

Practical information:
CAR – Centro de Acercamiento a lo Rural
C/ Buen Gobernador 4, 28027 Madrid
Hours open to the public
Mon-Fri: 10.00-14.00h
Prior appointment:
T: 91 920 33 84