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The Table and the Territory: New Gastronomies


New Gastronomies: Arts, Food and Ecological Territories

Wednesday December the 8th
10am – 9pm
Cité internationale des Arts

18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004

Organised by COAL, the LADYSS-CNRS and the Cité internationale des Arts

What culture-based solutions can artists provide today to transform food territories and imagine the sustainable food of tomorrow? New Gastronomies: Arts, Food and Ecological Territories, takes over the Cité internationale des Arts for a day of reflections and experiences around art and food.

On the menu: more than twenty workshops, culinary experiences, artistic performances, films and round tables bringing together artists, thinkers, farmers, peasants, scientists and cultural projects founders from Europe and elsewhere, gathered to discuss their practices and demonstrate the potential of solutions based on culture in the transformation of food territories.

This event closes two years of European cooperation in the frame of the Table and the Territory program, which brings together seven major players in the field of art, ecology and food under the coordination of COAL and scientific supervision of LADYSS-CNRS.

This program aims to produce knowledge and field experiments combining art, science and the involvement of local stakeholders in the field of sustainable food. At the start of 2022, they will give rise to the publication of a book, the result of research carried out within the framework of the The Table and the Territory program by Nathalie Blanc, director of the Centre des Politiques de la Terre and researcher at LADYSS-CNRS and Barbara Benish, researcher, artist and director of ArtDialogue.


Throughout the day, round tables around the topics of the Table and the Territory program bring together experts, artists, researchers and actors of artistic initiatives dealing with the issue of food and the transition of territories. Speakers from different European countries will share their local knowledge and experiences, specific to their territories.
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Intimate and offbeat experiences that invite the public to share a meal, cook, converse and discover works in artists’ studios and the studios of the Cité des arts. The artists who have collaborated on the Table and the Territory program are joined by resident artists of the Cité internationale des Arts invited for a carte blanche around art and food.
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Artists’ films screenings in the presence of the directors such as The Nugget Show by the Nouveau Ministère de l’Agriculture or The Persistent Return by Deirdre O’Mahony.
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From the degustation of recipes of the inhabitants of Saint-Denis taken from the book Récits-recettes edited by Zone Sensible, COAL and the LADYSS to the molecular cooking class given by the biophysicist Christophe Lavelle, but still to the comestible tale by Tiphaine Calmettes  through the sharing of warm wine infused with wild plants concocted by François ThévenonNew Gastronomies will indeed be on the program.
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ArtMill, Campo Adentro, Locus Athènes / Tavros, Parco Arte Vivente, Zone Sensible, Samira Ahmadi Ghotbi, Nathalie Blanc, Clara Breteau, Thierry Boutonnier, Marine Calmet, Tiphaine Calmettes, Denis Chartier, Anthony Duchêne, les Délices de l’Ogresse, Thomas Ferrand, la Ferme de Kerminy, Xavier Fourt et Ewen Chardonnet de Aliens in Green, Fernando Garcia Dory, Olivier Givre, Pierre Hivernat – Alimentation Générale, Missla Libsekal, Edouard de Laubrie, Christophe Lavelle, Jean-Philip Lucas, le Nouveau Ministère de l’Agriculture, Sabrina Novak, Hana Novakova, Deirdre O’Mahony, Javier Orcaray, Stéphanie Sagot, François Thévenon, Kay Zevallos Villegas…