Publication – Nathalie Blanc: Art, Farming and Food for the Future

Art, Farming and Food for the Future. Transforming Agriculture Nathalie Blanc, research director at the LADYSS-CNRS, develops a research-creation activity through the production of nature mixing artistic and scientific. Her concerns in terms of ecological poetics lead to the implementation of art-science devices. In collaboration with the Table and the Territory since 2019, Nathalie Blanc […]

T&T Days #2: Campo Adentro and the INLAND Village

DE-GROWTH AND RE-PLANT From the 20th to the 24th of September a series of activities will be carried out at Campo Adentro’s space CAR, Inland’s headquarters in Madrid. The series of events will focus on the notion of De-growth. At the core of the transition towards sustainability there is the imperative task to rethink and […]

T&T Days #2: ArtMill, Horažďovice

From the 13th of August until the 19th of September as part of the T&T Days #2, ArtMill, our Czech partner, presents a seed-themed event that includes workshops, exhibitions, performances and an open call.  The festive season at the rural farm includes several events of which: – Installation and participatory workshop “Unless a Seed/Emancipation into […]