Publication – Nathalie Blanc: Art, Farming and Food for the Future

Art, Farming and Food for the Future. Transforming Agriculture Nathalie Blanc, research director at the LADYSS-CNRS, develops a research-creation activity through the production of nature mixing artistic and scientific. Her concerns in terms of ecological poetics lead to the implementation of art-science devices. In collaboration with the Table and the Territory since 2019, Nathalie Blanc […]

T&T Days #2: Parco Arte Vivente, Torino

For the T&T Days second edition, the Parco Arte Vivente, invites the Free Home University and art curator Alessandra Pomarico, workshop on participative practices, on Saturday the 18th of September.  PEOPLE OF FLOUR, WATER AND SALT Workshop led by Alessandra Pomarico/ Free Home University Collective Friday 10 September 2021, 11: 00-16: 00 Bosco della Comunità […]

Herbarium – Parco Arte Vivente with artists Andrea Caretto / Raffaella Spagna

Thursday 24 June 2021, at 6 pm, the PAV Parco Arte Vivente presents PAV_Herbarium, a new installation by Andrea Caretto / Raffaella Spagna, which is added to Village Green, the permanent collection of works in the park. The installation is configured as a space created ad hoc to catalog and preserve the botanical species collected […]

Exhibition “Résidences 365” at Zone Sensible

  The Parti Poétique and the NA Project host the exhibition “Résidences 365” on September 21, 2019 at Zone Sensible, the urban farm of Saint-Denis (FR). “RÉSIDENCES 365” presents the work of guest artists in residence at Zone Sensible in 2019: Raphaël Dallaporta: visual artist and photographer – Laureate of the [N.A!] Grant – 365, […]