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Research-creation: Paysages à boire

Paysages à boire / Animal – Mineral – Vegetable

Paysages à boire (trans. Drinking landscapes) is a research-creation led by the French artist Anthony Duchêne and journalist/oenologist Dominique Hutin. This work combines the creation of artworks on viticultural sites, a series of interviews and a photo-reportage. It will give place to a restitution to the public, several wine degustations and an illustrated publication. 

Anthony Duchêne – A hundred years of labour!
To respect the soil, please avoid heavy machinery.
Archive image : Alsenborn 1917


By taking the landscape as a starting point, Anthony Duchêne and Domique Hutin intend to explore and highlight specific, natural and atypical techniques implemented by winegrowers who base their vision and their work on the interaction between the “animal, mineral and vegetable worlds”.

“This will neither be a guide to wine, nor a sum of portraits of winegrowers … but a course organized over meetings with peasant-winegrowers in search of a balance between nature and biodiversity.” Anthony Duchêne and Dominique Hutin

Close to a collection, enriched with a visual approach, this publication will be made up of documentary photos, texts, archive images but also the production of works inspired by the duo’s discoveries.

Their ambition is to retranscribe the delicate link between landscape ecosystems (fauna, soil, plants) and the organoleptic landscape that help mold the glass of wine.

Anthony Duchêne – Dessous de la terre #3 2019
Parcelle « Champ des poiriers », Domaine Léon Barral
Photo © Jean-Christophe Lett


List of peasant-winegrowers:

Domaine Léon Barral – Faugères, Languedoc – France
Wander by Samos  – Samos – Greece
Cadavres Exquis – Pertuis, Provence – France
Les Frères Soulier – Saint Hilaire d’Ozilhan – France
Domaine Ledogar – Ferrals, Corbières – France
Sicus Terrers Mediterranis – Penedes – South Catalonia
Domaine Christian Binner – Ammerschwihr, Alsace – France
Domaine de l’Arbre blanc – Saint Sandoux – France
Ferme de la Quintillère – St-Maurice-sur-Dargoire, Rhône – France
Domaine Mythopia – Arbaz – Switzerland
Domaine 2 NaturKinder – Kitzingen, Germany
Zulu / Recerca – Roussillon – France

Anthony Duchêne:
Anthony Duchêne is a visual artist who graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Marseille. He develops a hybrid work of sculpture, drawing and object inspired by the workings of nature and the animal world. Crisscrossing the universe of taste and olfactory sensations, his creations evoke figures of hybridization and mutations of plant and animal species, inspiring him to unique combinations. In 2012, he received the Science Po prize for contemporary art with the work “Empyreume”, a sculpture offering a wine tasting truncated around the family of empyreumatic aromas. More recently passionate about living wines, he works with peasant-winegrowers to study the functioning of soils, the balance of nature and biodiversity.

Dominique Hutin:
Dominique Hutin was not born a journalist. He first put on the costumes of factory laborer, computer scientist, training project manager, antique dealer, entertainment worker… before creating in the 1990s “AOC, Agitation œnologique & culinaire” for twist the universe of what is eaten and drunk through personal interpretations (“Ciné-Grape varieties”, “Go get yourself drunk!”…). Facts and misdeeds which led him from 2003 to write in various specialized food and wine magazines, to roam the restaurants with the Fooding casaque, to hit full skylight on Cuisine TV. Installed since 2006 in Agon-Coutainville, Manche, he continues to chew the paper of the written press, to tell the wine on France-Inter since 2010 and to write a saga whose ink is not yet dry, that of wine and its outskirts.

Anthony Duchêne – Les Systèmes de la panse, #3, « Vesce » 2019
Photo © Jean-Christophe Lett