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Récits-recettes at Urbanité Vertes, a group exhibition

Our book, Récits-recettes will be presented as part of the Urbanité Verte exhibition, from June 10 to July 23 at the Center Tignous d’Art Contemporain.

On the proposal of curator Julie Sicault Maillé, the collective exhibition Urbanité verte brings together artistic and citizen projects around questions of nature in the city. The market gardening past of Montreuil inspires, the future of our cities is to be dreamed of and built.

The exhibition thus offers a sensitive and reflective immersion from a fictional city without nature to a city that living beings, plants, animals and humans, inhabit together and reinvent.

From a picnic in an urban park to the cultivation of vegetables that evoke our roots or to the sheep that graze in the city, the artists invite us through their paintings, sculptures, installations, videos and drawings, to listen to Marcel Proust: “The only, the true, the only journey is to change the look”.

With the artists: Vaughn Bell, Yves Belorgey, Karine Bonneval, Nicolas Boulard, Enoki Collective, Sylvain Gouraud, Clement Richem, SAFI Collective, Noémie Sauve, Aurelie Slonina, Parti Poétique/ Olivier Darné, Antoine Perez.

And the projects: Circulating nature in the city (Adel Ourabah, Fred Soupa, Matthieu Marchal, Yaacov Cohen) and The Table & the Territory (Sensitive area, COAL, LADYSS-CNRS).

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