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Parti Poétique’s spring equinox


With the support of the Seine Saint-Denis Departmental Council through financial aid for an artists residency, Parti Poétique invited the artist duo Trapier-Duporté for a 9 month residency at Zone Sensible, between June 2019 and March 2020.

 Between January and March 2020, several events are underway:

– An outdoor exhibition where the artists will present their work to the public during the cycle of conferences and debates organized at and by Synesthesie MAINTENANT on February 03, 2020

– One or more workshops for children and adults around food and new media

 Trapier-Duporté is an artist duo formed in 2014 by Camille Trapier and Théo Duporté. Their pluralistic practice is distinguished by the use of organic elements as a medium, which interact with other materials in their installations. Using spotlights found on site, garden greenhouses, visible electric cables, they assemble various elements and objects to make sculptures and installations with a DIY aesthetic. Their environments are immersive and multi-sensory.

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