KOOK – the culinary and laboratory by the Parti Poétique

In the frame of KOOK Actions, many activities have been proposed by Parti Poétique in Zone Sensible’s urban farm. These actions took place on many days with the Table and the Territory and Europe Creative program and were the occasion to create new connexions between citizens through food. Kitchen workshop with Amaury Bouhours 22.05.2021 – […]

The Table and the Territory: New Gastronomies

THE TABLE AND THE TERRITORY New Gastronomies: Arts, Food and Ecological Territories Wednesday December the 8th 10am – 9pm Cité internationale des Arts 18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Organised by COAL, the LADYSS-CNRS and the Cité internationale des Arts What culture-based solutions can artists provide today to transform food territories and imagine the […]

T&T Days #2: Campo Adentro and the INLAND Village

DE-GROWTH AND RE-PLANT From the 20th to the 24th of September a series of activities will be carried out at Campo Adentro’s space CAR, Inland’s headquarters in Madrid. The series of events will focus on the notion of De-growth. At the core of the transition towards sustainability there is the imperative task to rethink and […]

T&T Days #2: TAVROS, Locus Athens

From September to October 2021, as part of the second edition of the T&T Days, TAVROS will curate and host Hypercomf’s project Biosentinel. The project includes an interactive website, an exhibition, a workshop and a seminar with students from the Athens School of Fine Arts.  Hypercomf’s project is based on research on Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a […]

T&T Days #2: Intercultural artist exchanges

As a European cooperation network, the Table and the Territory promotes intercultural exchanges between artistic practices with the idea of sharing traditional knowledge and practices linked to the local culture of soils, terroirs and foods. European artists are invited to partner venues to present their practices. Promoting artist mobility, we have organised three exchanges for […]

T&T Days #2: Parco Arte Vivente, Torino

For the T&T Days second edition, the Parco Arte Vivente, invites the Free Home University and art curator Alessandra Pomarico, workshop on participative practices, on Saturday the 18th of September.  PEOPLE OF FLOUR, WATER AND SALT Workshop led by Alessandra Pomarico/ Free Home University Collective Friday 10 September 2021, 11: 00-16: 00 Bosco della Comunità […]

T&T Days #2: ArtMill, Horažďovice

From the 13th of August until the 19th of September as part of the T&T Days #2, ArtMill, our Czech partner, presents a seed-themed event that includes workshops, exhibitions, performances and an open call.  The festive season at the rural farm includes several events of which: – Installation and participatory workshop “Unless a Seed/Emancipation into […]