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New Curriculum Research-Creation Collaborations: Georgina Hill, the politics, economies and mythologies of fishing

This project was implemented as part of New Curriculum, a research program led by Campo Adentro, as part of the Table and the Territory.

Swift As a Shadow, Georgina Hill ©2020


Part of their ongoing research on the littoral space and marine narratives, Fernando García-Dory and Georgina Hill compose a dialogue, taking the sea as a lens for an INLAND analysis, refracting industrial and local interests, as they are shaped by trends in value-making. Resulting from this period, a public lecture and performance titled Swift as a Shadow” was presented at the art space Bulegoa z/b in Bilbao, in the frame of their programme  is  Forms of Navigation: Cabotage.


During the session, different lines of enquiry will be followed and cases displayed, as interweaving threads aiming to suture the rocky coast’s ever-licked cut, and bring their native regions of Asturias and Cornwall closer together. What if the Cantabrian Sea and the Bay of Biscay shared a name: shallow waters of the same basin, re-inventing beliefs and value, an impulse for reconstruction salvaging the remains of a shipwreck?

Georgina Hill is an artist, she participated in 2019 in the INLAND New Curriculum knowledge composition methodology and has collaborated on other occasions with Campo Adentro. Her practice is concerned with formal hybridity in moving image and intersectional politics of the local, using languages of video, text, installation and their combinations. With postgraduate study in Shakespeare at University College London, she was a student of Hito Steyerl at UdK Berlin, and is now completing her Masters in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University, London. Her work has been shown at Arnis Residency (Germany), Seoul Biennale for Architecture and Urbanism (South Korea), Nordic Winter Symposium, Nida Art Colony (Lithuania), Art Night (UK), Museum of Photography (Germany), Faena Art Forum (USA), among others.