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Libera Scuola Del Giardino Workshop – Parco Arte Vivente


La Libera Scuola Del Giardino was born from the meeting with Wapke Feenstra, Dutch artist, member of the international collective myvillages present in 2015 with some works within the Grow It Yourself exhibition.

The desire that moves the project is to define a new and specific collective identity, aimed at the cultivation and processing of vegetable products and artifacts, all coming from the cultivation of the vegetable garden present in the park, which is realized through a continuous and community.

During the day of the Arte & Nutrimento ad Arte workshop, the artist Michele Guido will talk about the production of seeds for cultivation of ancient species of the Salento Seed Bank, the origin and outcome of his site-specific project for the PAV Cosmos Seeds. Some seeds of the production (to be labeled together) will be distributed to the participants, to then sow them at their home, make them grow and take care of them.

Fabio Perino will present Dear No One, a video that proposes the soil and water with their fertility as an allegory of the living. Together, the aromatic herbs will be harvested for future production and new species will be planted. Issues concerning ancient cereals will be discussed with Andrea Perino, starting from harvesting up to Perino Vesco’s bread making, then passing through the organic production of wine, up to consumer product and tasting with Simona Camarda and Renato Castagno of the Calici company. by Terroir.

Practical information: 

PAV Living Art Park, Via Giordano Bruno 31, Turin
AEF Educational and Training Activities of the PAV, curated by Orietta Brombin

Free participation open to a maximum of 10 participants, included in the entrance ticket
Reservations required: 011 3182235,
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