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Exhibition “Résidences 365” at Zone Sensible

First exhibition at 365 space, 2018 ©Anne-Claire Héraud


The Parti Poétique and the NA Project host the exhibition “Résidences 365” on September 21, 2019 at Zone Sensible, the urban farm of Saint-Denis (FR).

RÉSIDENCES 365” presents the work of guest artists in residence at Zone Sensible in 2019:

  • Raphaël Dallaporta: visual artist and photographer – Laureate of the [N.A!] Grant – 365, Niepce Prize 2019
  • Morgane Porcheron: visual artist – Finalist for the [N.A!] Grant – 365
  • Trapier & Duporté: plastic surgeons – With the support of the Departmental Council of Seine Saint-Denis
  • Jean-Pierre Sageot: Photographer invited by the Parti Poétique

Collective exhibition within the 365 – Open-air contemporary art space, created in partnership in 2018 with [NA!] Project, the Résidence 365 exhibition is a set of installations of works, some permanent, others in during the process, other living or performative ones and each time related to the research themes of the Poetic Party which are: NATURE – CULTURE – FOOD

Zone Sensible, 2018, ©Jean Pierre Sageot

By putting their gaze, their critical mind and their practices on this place of experimentation of sharing and sensitivity, the proposals of the artists within the framework of their residency complete and enrich the artistic and agricultural landscape of Zone Sensible.

Decompartmentalization of the benchmark “white cube” in contemporary art, transposed into the open air, thought of as a “green cube”, space 365 hosts a production and exhibition gallery in the heart of a one-hectare urban farm at the gates from Paris.


Trapier Duporté

Trapier & Duporté is an artist duo formed in 2014. They live and work in Paris. Immersive and odoriferous installations, sound performances or light sculptures, their practice, organic, summons all the senses. The duo regularly uses food as a medium and their works oscillate between taste and disgust in a tragicomic tone. The notion of intensity is central in their research and their pieces are figures of it. The duo pay close attention particular to spectators. The feeling of the public is central. The experience is sometimes unpleasant, but the friction ensures the encounter and preserves the non-place. Trapier Duporté’s work begins with a premise: the world is a celebration, and our time is after it. Also, our generation hesitates, between wanting to continue, without really knowing what, and indulging in general fatigue.

attentive to all the struggles engendered by the world of work, by social problems and precariousness, he alternates daily themes with long-term work. Sipa distributed his work on “hot” news between 1995 and 1999, then Jean-Pierre joined the Editing agency in 2001, following the publication of “Vies en urgence”, after six months of immersion in various hospitals in the North from France. In 2005, he reported on the intervention of the SPF in Sri Lanka affected by the tsunami.
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