food, sustainability and art projects in Europe
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Today, food is a priority subject with regards to sustainable development from a technical point of view. It is at the same time an eminently cultural issue. From the fields to fine gastronomy, hybrid initiatives proposed by artists in the fields of agriculture and food are multiplying on across Europe.

KOOK – the culinary and laboratory by the Parti Poétique

May 22, 2021
to October 30, 2021
In the frame of KOOK Actions, many activities have been proposed by Parti Poétique in Zone Sensible’s urban farm. These actions took place on many days with the Table and the Territory and Europe Creative program and were the occasion to create new connexions between citizens through food. Kitchen workshop with Amaury Bouhours 22.05.2021 – from 10:30am to 12:30pm…

The Table and the Territory: New Gastronomies

December 8, 2021
to December 8, 2021
THE TABLE AND THE TERRITORY New Gastronomies: Arts, Food and Ecological Territories Wednesday December the 8th 10am – 9pm Cité internationale des Arts 18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Organised by COAL, the LADYSS-CNRS and the Cité internationale des Arts What culture-based solutions can artists provide today to transform food territories and imagine the sustainable food of tomorrow? New…