food, sustainability and art projects in Europe
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Today, food is a priority subject with regards to sustainable development from a technical point of view. It is at the same time an eminently cultural issue. From the fields to fine gastronomy, hybrid initiatives proposed by artists in the fields of agriculture and food are multiplying on across Europe.

Buka / Pain / Ψωμί / Хлеб / Հաց / خبز / ਜੋ

December 22, 2020
to January 10, 2021
As a result of artist Paky Vlassopoulou’s research-creation at TAVROS/Locus Athens around bread and a collaboration with a baker and an architect, a newspaper was born. Today, it is distributed , free of charge, in local bakeries of Tavros, Greece.    Directly from the printing house, the newspaper Psomi by Paky Vlassopoulou comes to the shelves of the Tavros…

New Curriculum Research-Creation: Stefan Laxness, towards a nurturing common forest

September 1, 2020
to November 12, 2020
This project was implemented as part of New Curriculum, a research program led by Campo Adentro, as part of the Table and the Territory.  This Summer 2020, Stefan Laxness has started to undertake a research work into communal forests in the north of Spain. He visited and presented at Inland-Campo Adentro the possibilities of these territories to minimize, or…