food, sustainability and art projects in Europe
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Today, food is a priority subject with regards to sustainable development from a technical point of view. It is at the same time an eminently cultural issue. From the fields to fine gastronomy, hybrid initiatives proposed by artists in the fields of agriculture and food are multiplying on across Europe.

Parti Poétique’s spring equinox

July 5, 2022
Artists With the support of the Seine Saint-Denis Departmental Council through financial aid for an artists residency, Parti Poétique invited the artist duo Trapier-Duporté for a 9 month residency at Zone Sensible, between June 2019 and March 2020.  Between January and March 2020, several events are underway: – An outdoor exhibition where the artists will present their work to…

The Table and the Territory presentation at Zone Sensible

July 5, 2022
Artist Olivier Darné, founder of Parti Poétique, Nathalie Blanc, director of  LADYSS-CNRS and Lauranne Germond, director of COAL, will present the Table and the Territory at Zone Sensible, on a day dedicated to sustainable food. This Zone Sensible event is part of the program The Table and the Territory. The event focuses on two action-research programs thatl involve an…